Whether you need in person or online, fitness or nutrition, education or accountability, there is something here to help you.

How I can help you

Personal Training

A range of Personal Training and hybrid options build your confidence and consistency in the gym

Online Coaching

Online coaching packages to help with your overall fitness and well being. These include fitness, nutrition and mindset support and guidance.

Courses and Memberships

Mini tutorials, longer courses on a variety of topics, challenges and memberships. Pick the option that best suits where you are right now to help improve your confidence, exercise skills, nutrition knowledge and mindset.



My Mission

To empower women in their 30's and beyond to build strength and self belief, confidence and self esteem, whilst taking care of their long term health. To support women to feel at home in their body, dismantle diet culture and live a fulfilling life where they can appreciate their body and everything it can do.

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions to meet your needs.

Personal Training allows you to have me as your coach, in person, 1:1, supporting and guiding you through each training session. It allows me to push you to reach your goals to the best of your ability with support and accountability. By taking your goals, lifestyle and current needs into consideration I can write you a bespoke plan, teach you each exercise and achieve your goals in the most supportive, enjoyable, sustainable way.

Online Coaching

Work with me from anywhere in the world with guidance, support and accountability.

Online coaching helps us to focus on more education, understanding, support and accountability. Whether you train from a gym or from home, have injuries or a packed schedule, we can work around it all. With weekly check ins and modifications being made when you need them, it keeps you on track for getting the best support possible to help you reach your goals.

Courses and Memberships

Need help with your body image? Exercise technique? Nutrition? Workout plans?

Or just want more education about health and fitness? Then these courses and memberships are for you. Find the one that works best for you.


Sarah has really given me lots of confidence in the gym using all the different equipment. I feel loads fitter and healthier and stronger. She gives me the confidence to increase the weights and push myself which I wouldn't do on my own



5 ways to move from fitness classes (cardio) to the gym floor

Find the strength, consistency and motivation you need to start lifting weights and taking care of your health for good.


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