Personal Trainer supporting women to lift weights for long term health and heal their relationship with food,body and exercise for good


I'm Sarah

Personal Trainer, Women's Specialist coach and EIQ Certified Nutritionist, empowering you to take up space in the gym, ditch the diet culture and heal your relationship with food, exercise and your body for a long, healthy, happy life.

Hi! Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to come here. I appreciate you.

I'm Sarah, Personal Trainer and mum of 3 girls (and 2 dogs!)

I spent over 20 years of my life trying to constantly lose weight by trying every diet out there and doing cardio for hours on end. I heavily restricted foods and then binged on them when I "fell off the wagon." When I eventually reached my goal weight, I still wasn't happy. In fact, I hated my body more than ever. I lived a life of disordered eating and took on behaviours that are deemed normal in today's society.

One day I realised there wasn't actually an issue with my body after all. There never had been. It was an issue with my mind, how my mind perceived my body, and it was skewed by the years of diet culture paraded in front of my eyes as I grew up.

So I decided to stop trying to shrink her, and started taking care of her instead. Firstly by ditching the hours of cardio, and starting to lift weights. Then, by learning how to fuel my body properly, eating enough protein and fibre and adding things to my diet instead of taking them away.

I eventually found food freedom, learned to appreciate my body for her functionality and got strong af for my health!

And now I want to teach you how to do it.

Because it is life changing.

I coach my clients on an individual basis and with heaps of compassion. Instead of forcing you to workout, making you feel bad for your food choices and expecting you to count the calories in every morsel of food you eat, I am about helping you to find your balance! Showing you that you CAN have it all and live a happy and fulfilled life!​ Teaching you to lift weights that your old lady body will thank you for and to feel strong, confident and empowered, finding that confidence, consistency and motivation you always dreamed about.

Welcome to She Can Do What.

Get results like these

Before starting PT with Sarah my confidence was rock bottom. I gained not only muscle but I gained back my confidence. She didn't just do wonders for my body but she also did wonders for my mental health. I can't recommend her highly enough, I think she's absolutely amazing.


Sarah literally changed my life. Sarah taught me to be kind to myself again. To love my body again and that was really difficult after calorie counting for years and being really conscious of what the scales said. It was a massive journey. Sarah has given me my life back. Time with my child, walking without back pain or leg pain. Just the simple things in life I have gotten back from strength training with Sarah. I would leave the gym feeling a million dollars. I can't thank her enough.


She is a phenomenal PT. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't still be going to the gym. She very different to all other PT's. It is about being healthy, it is about being happy and that is phenomenal. She is now one of my greatest mates and is there for me through thick and thin. I would be lost without her.



5 ways to move from fitness classes (cardio) to the gym floor

Its your time to shine, take up space on the gym floor, learn to lift weights for your health and gain confidence, consistency and motivation.


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