5 ways to move from fitness classes (cardio) to the gym floor

Learn to strength train and find

consistency, confidence and motivation

About me

Hi! I'm Sarah, Personal Trainer, Women's Specialist coach and EIQ Certified Nutritionist. I have a passion for teaching women how to strength train for their health and to help them gain confidence in their bodies.

Hi there! Great to see you!

I'm Sarah, an extroverted introvert, mum to 3 girls (and 2 dogs!) I have spent most of my years in the throes of diet culture, punishing my body to be smaller and 'better' to the point where it consumed my entire life. I tried every diet, every workout and ended up very miserable. Until I eventually found a new way, to food freedom, to taking care of my health, to improving my body image. And it changed my life. Now, I want to help you change yours.

What I believe in

I'm not your average Personal Trainer. I teach health, body confidence, healing relationships with food, strength training and I coach it all with bundles of compassion

I created my business 'She Can Do What' after realising that women spend their whole lives being told we can't do things! For fear of not being successful, attractive or thin enough.

It is time we stepped into our power, because we can do anything we want; be successful, confident, powerful, lift weights, have food freedom, feel good in our own skin, take up space, even love our bodies!

It is ours for the taking. Its our time to shine.


My Mission

To empower women in their 30's and beyond to build strength and self belief, confidence and self esteem, whilst taking care of their long term health. To support women to feel at home in their body, dismantle diet culture and live a fulfilling life where they can appreciate their body and everything it can do.

How I can help you

Personal Training

A range of Personal Training and hybrid options to build your confidence and consistency in the gym.

Online Coaching

Online coaching packages to help with your overall fitness and well being. These include fitness, nutrition and mindset support and guidance.

Courses and Membership

Mini tutorials, longer courses on a variety of topics, challenges and memberships. Pick the option that best suits where you are right now to help improve your confidence, exercise skills, nutrition knowledge and mindset.

Sarah has taught me a lot about strength training and how important it is as you get older, like I am.

It has made me a lot happier and a lot more confident in the gym.

She explains why you are doing things and she always answers my questions, and I have a lot of questions!

She is always learning stuff as well and she shares what she has learnt. I think she is amazing.

- Kerri


Get the confidence and motivation you need to build the life you deserve

Strength training is an absolute must for everyone. It doesn't need to be intimidating as a woman in a male dominated space. Let me help you get started.


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